Binary options broker Pocket Option provides traders with many opportunities to make additional profits. In addition to express orders , pending transactions and social trading, the broker has a market where you can get many promotional codes in the form of bonuses for depositing or canceling a losing trade .

Next, let's look at what you can get in the Pocket Option broker's market and how to use its full potential as profitably as possible to receive new promotional codes and bonuses.

Binary options broker market Pocket Option

You can go to the market either from the chart of the Pocket Option binary options trading platform or from your personal account. To do this, click on the “cart” icon on the menu on the left, and then select “Market” in the window that opens:

go to market pocket option

Next, a store will open where you can see your level, discount on purchases, the number of your crystals (one of the types of Pocket Option’s internal currency), and in the panel on the right your purchase history:

market home page

If your account is the first level, then most likely you do not have discounts on purchases, but by trading on the broker’s platform you will gain experience and the level of your profile will grow, due to which the discount will also increase. In our case, we have level 7 and our discount in the Pocket Option market is 15%.

Please note that under the crystals there are “Buy Items” and “Sell Items” buttons. By clicking the “Sell Items” button, you have the opportunity to sell those promotional codes that you do not want to use. When you sell them, you will receive crystals, for which you can purchase other promotional codes in the Pocket Option market :

selling pocket option promo codes

If you scroll down on this page, you can find all the available promotional codes, which we’ll talk about later.

Pocket Option Promo Codes

On the promotional codes tab you can purchase bonuses for replenishing your account, which can give from 20 to 110% of bonus funds:

promotional codes in the pocket option market

To find out the conditions for working out bonuses, you can click on the “Conditions of participation” link.

Balance bonus

This bonus allows you to instantly receive from $5 to $100 into your account, after which this money can either be withdrawn or used in trading:

bonus to the balance in the pocket market

Therefore, if you are saving crystals, such a bonus will be the best choice for purchase.

Risk-free transaction

The risk-free trading feature allows you to cancel an order opened on an unsuccessful forecast without losing your invested money. You can do this for an amount from $10 to $1,000:

risk-free transactions in the market

After purchasing this promotional code and activating it in your account, a “Cancel” button will appear in your trading history opposite unprofitable trades, by clicking on which the lost funds will be returned to your account:

how to apply a risk-free trade

You can cancel a losing trade in this way with only one promotional code, and it is also important to choose the right amount, since you will not be able to cancel a trade with a loss of $100 with a promotional code for canceling $10.


Cashback allows you to receive passive income in the amount of 2 to 10% for the whole year. But it only applies to losing trades:

cashback in the pocket option market

As a result, if you received a loss in one trade of $100, then between $2 and $10 will be returned to your account. This bonus from the Pocket Option market is good because it allows you to partially reduce losses received, which has a positive effect on money management .


The booster is used to gain additional experience, awarded when conducting transactions. Thanks to this, the level of the trader increases, due to which you can get a discount on purchases, which was mentioned earlier:

boosters in the pocket option market


Prolongators are necessary to increase the duration of Boosters. That is, thanks to this tool, a trader can get more time to complete trading operations, for which experience will be accrued:



Gems act as a virtual currency that a trader can use to make purchases on the Market. They are issued upon unlocking certain achievements and can also be purchased on the Market. In addition, they are used to exchange for more valuable items:

binary options broker crystals pocket option

In addition to the fact that crystals can be purchased, they can be mined. Mining of precious stones starts only after activating this function. The process starts the moment a trader begins to copy successful trades of other users. This option is accessible through the social trading menu. After each copy, a gem fragment appears on the screen.

To get a whole crystal, you need to collect 1,000 of these fragments. That is, you can purchase a stone if you complete one thousand copied transactions. The colors of the gems are determined depending on the type of license selected.

To start mining, you need to buy a license that will work from 1 to 30 days:

crystal mining


This type of bonus gives traders a random amount of trading advantage. Their type and volume are determined depending on the level the user has reached. You can get a chest by purchasing a bonus in the Pocket Option broker market:

chests with gifts from pocket option

Or receiving it when replenishing your trade balance:

chests for replenishing your account

Please note that replenishment chests can only be obtained for a certain deposit amount. The minimum deposit to receive chests this way is:

  1. $250 – beginner’s chest;
  2. $500 – experienced chest;
  3. $1,500 – master’s chest;
  4. $5,000 – professional chest;
  5. $10,000 – guru chest.

Each chest gives a certain amount of experience and several gifts of the corresponding level.

VIP tickets

VIP tickets are another bonus that, when activated, gives the trader access to the tournament. This type of bonus in the Pocket Option broker market is provided randomly when it appears after opening a chest, or it can be obtained using a promotional code and simply activated in the market:

tickets for pokemon tournaments


The market of the binary options broker Pocket Option allows you to purchase and receive quite profitable bonuses and gifts that will allow you to earn additional profit both through trading and without it.

Particularly useful bonuses are promotional codes for canceling unprofitable transactions and balance bonuses. Risk-free trades allow you to return lost funds to your account, and bonuses to your balance without trading make it possible to receive up to $100 and withdraw them immediately.


Pocket Option

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10850 Отличная платформа для торговли , удобный интерфейс быстрый вывод средств..
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В Покет Опшен на мой взгляд самая развитая система бонусов среди всех брокеров.
Option Bull, у Квотекса не хуже
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Option Bull
Option Bull
10438 В Покет Опшен на мой взгляд самая развитая система бонусов среди всех брокеров.
17 November 2022
9177 Дайте лучше промокодов новых на отмену и на кешбек!!
03 November 2021
Дайте лучше промокодов новых на отмену и на кешбек!!
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03 November 2021
Михаил Петров
Михаил Петров
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