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The basis of the Drake Delay Stochastic strategy is the Stochastic indicator . This system is used in trading various assets, including binary options . Transactions are made when the price chart reaches the border of the channel formed by auxiliary indicators. In this case, it is necessary to enter the market after the corresponding signal from Stochastic occurs.

Chart with the Stochastic indicator

Optimal timeframe

It is recommended to trade using this strategy during the American and European sessions . The timeframe should be set at M15 or higher, and the expiration period should be from 45 minutes (3 candles).

Installing a template

This system is installed in the MetaTrader 4 trading terminal. After downloading the archive, you need to move the templates and the MQL4 folder to the OpenData Folder. Then you need to restart the trading terminal, open the chart of a suitable currency pair and load the system template.

When to open a buy trade

One of the conveniences of the strategy is that when a potentially profitable position occurs, the installed program sounds a sound signal. It is recommended to buy Call options when:

  • the price chart has touched the lower zone, which is colored blue or red;
  • a yellow dot appears on the graph;
  • The Stochastic chart is below 20 (in the oversold zone).

A buy order should be placed after the candle closes on which the indicated values ​​were formed.

Buying CALL options

When to open a sell trade

Put options should be purchased if:

  • the price chart touched the upper zone, which is colored blue or red;
  • a yellow dot appears on the graph;
  • the Stochastic line rose above 80 (into the oversold zone).

A deal to buy a Put option must be opened after the candle closes, on which the specified values ​​were formed.

Buying PUT options

To increase the chances of making a profit, it is recommended to look at the direction of the trend in a higher timeframe before opening a transaction and place an order in the direction of the price movement.


Drake Delay Stochastic is a convenient binary options trading strategy that minimizes losses by additionally checking signals with the Stochastic indicator. This system is built on a classic approach, which involves working on a price rebound from the current channel.

Also, to successfully trade using this strategy, you will need a reliable binary options broker who will withdraw your profits without delay. We recommend choosing one of the reliable brokers in our rating of binary options brokers .

Download indicators and strategy template Drake Delay Stochastic


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первый индикатор лучше убрать, а вот модифицированный стох норм работает и выдает сигналы интересные, пока тестирую
29 February 2020
на м1 не очень результаты, а вот м15 порадовал, есть пара плюсовых сделок
26 January 2020
Стратегия работает на отлично, ТФ15 -ТФ30. В день открываю пару сделок на валютную пару в плюс
24 March 2019
Я приспособился после теста М5-М15 переходить на М1 и там уже по стохастику входить в опцион. Результаты впечатляют!
16 March 2019
Хорошая стратегия, на М1 прекрасно себя показывает
12 March 2019
Все работает хорошо и на форекс и на бинарных опционах, таймфрейм — М15, Н1. Спасибо)
10 March 2019
Очень интересная стратегия и может прекрасно подойти даже для начинающего трейдера. Но конечно нужно понимать, что не каждый сигнал по данной системе принесет прибыль.
10 March 2019
Я думаю, что это лучшая стратегия. Пробовал и EMA, и Extreme Bot. Но результат Drake Delay Stochastic превзошел ожидания.
06 March 2019
Я использую стратегию на 15-минутном таймфрейме. У меня хорошо себя показала она при торговле с истечением 45 минут - 1 час.
28 February 2019
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