Working with binary options involves exercising control over risks. At least most trading strategies are based on this statement. But there is another approach, within which it is possible to significantly increase your own capital in a short period of time. This strategy is known as deposit acceleration.

What is deposit acceleration?

how to disperse a deposit Acceleration of the deposit involves aggressive money management, due to which the size of the trading balance significantly increases in a short period of time. In other words, the trader has to work with maximum risks, trying to solve the problem.

As part of overclocking, initial and final goals are set. Or the amount of money available and the desired deposit size are determined. As soon as the required amount has been accumulated, work in the chosen direction stops, and in the future the risks are reduced to a normal level.

It is believed that the acceleration of a deposit is a thoughtless pursuit of a high-risk strategy. However, such tactics are often a necessary measure. This is explained by the fact that to make good money you need to have a fairly large initial capital. Profit directly depends on the volume of investment. So, if a trader plans to receive at least a million dollars in the near future, he will have to invest a similar amount in a deposit.

Naturally, the amount of initial capital is not limited to the mentioned figure. Trading binary options is possible with $100. Moreover, over the course of several years, this amount (subject to successful trading) can be significantly increased by conducting low-risk transactions. But not every person is capable of spending years of their life regularly spending time on trading. Otherwise, you should turn to accelerating the deposit.

To work with this strategy, you can have any amount on your balance. The main thing is that the trader deposits as much money as he is willing to lose.

The essence of overclocking is the following: minimum attention to risks, maximum attention to invested funds. The task before the trader is this: to get as much profit as possible in a short period of time.


Strategy Recommendations

To accelerate the deposit, the choice of asset plays a secondary role. In this case, the indicator of interest payments provided for a particular symbol/timeframe is important. As stated earlier, the main goal of a trader is to obtain maximum profit. This strategy places high demands on the trading system and the assets with which transactions are carried out.

When accelerating the deposit, we must not forget about fixing the profit received. To achieve a good result using this strategy, money must be withdrawn regularly. To do this, it is enough to indicate the optimal time period from the point of view (week, month, and so on). Upon reaching the designated period, you need to withdraw the earned amount, maintaining the original amount of investment.

To successfully accelerate the deposit, it is important that the price of the assets being traded does not remain motionless. If you do not follow this rule, your investments will soon begin to make losses. It is important not to maintain one position for a long time. As soon as it makes a profit, it should be closed and moved on to another.

Therefore, if the market provides such an opportunity, trading should only be done during a volatile period . For example, in Forex it is observed during the operation of American or European exchanges, when traders invest large sums of money in assets. In addition, you should not disperse the deposit on Friday. Often large companies or financial institutions postpone the publication of reports until the end of the week, which leads to sharp fluctuations in rates. And given that overclocking involves working with increased risks, an unexpected change in the value of assets can lead to the loss of money.

Examples of strategies that allow you to trade under these conditions include Ladder , Rotation , Nitro Booster and Pin Bars . Using them you can increase your own deposit.

Working with risks in binary options

Standard strategies include a risk of 1-2% for each trade. This approach reduces the likelihood of losing investments. However, if we are talking about accelerating the deposit, the trader will have to take on the risk of losing significantly more money. Moreover, this tactic does not involve investing all the funds available in the account. To accelerate the deposit, it is enough to invest more than 10% of the money.

When working in this direction, do not forget about the Martingale method . It is able to protect the trader from unjustified losses. Using Martingale, it is enough to open no more than three knees. Traditionally, this method increases the position in cases where a losing trade was made. This solution allows you to recover losses by generating income from the next operation. But there are situations in the market when this becomes impossible. For example, a trader started trading when the main trend was correcting, but the price continued to move in the same direction.

Martingale calculator

( Martingale calculator )

In such circumstances, you can re-enter the market without waiting for expiration. The position should go in the same direction as the current trend. In this case, the price and volume must be chosen higher. In other words, the trend will soon change its direction. The moment of entry was chosen poorly. As a result, by re-entering the market and choosing a better price, you can increase your profits.

You can use a less risky strategy within the Martingale method. In this case, each ITM transaction acts as a trigger. This approach allows you to increase the likelihood of making a profit from a series of bets, operating within the framework of a low-risk strategy. A special Martingale calculator will develop the approach. He will independently calculate the size of the bets in progression.

example of deposit acceleration

You can also use a combined strategy. Having received a loss on one of the transactions, the bet size is increased within the framework of the traditional Martingale method. If the operation generated income, then calculate the next steps on the calculator. It is important to remember that the strategy in question is not suitable for beginners. It is associated with high-risk operations.

lot calculation for accelerating the deposit

There is a method by which you can reduce the amount of losses. To do this you need to open two accounts. One should carry out high-risk transactions, and the other – moderate ones. For aggressive actions, it is necessary to select only high-quality trading signals for binary options .

The strategies described above do not guarantee success. Naturally, you cannot constantly overclock without losing money. Regardless of your market tactics, you should remember that any action can lead to the loss of your entire investment. Before you start accelerating your deposit, you need to immediately determine the amount after which the aggressive behavior will stop.

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To summarize, we can give several recommendations that help you save your deposit:

  • for trading it is necessary to choose only those assets that are highly likely to generate income;
  • Each transaction should include a risk of 10%;
  • Martingale size – no more than three knees;
  • The profit received must be withdrawn regularly.

If you have experience working with binary options, accelerating your deposit in a short period of time is an entirely achievable goal. This trading tool allows you to calculate possible risks in advance.

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разгонял с 20 до 100, но это было всего пару раз, хорошо хоть вывели все это, а то слил бы потом точно)
01 March 2020
Артур Беглый
Артур Беглый
я будучи новичком разгонял и ничего, правда потом я сливал все, но это уже другая история)))
14 February 2020
Андрей Алексеев
Андрей Алексеев
главное понимать, что разгон всегда влечет за собой слив, так что это надо делать точно не новичкам, а уже опытным трейдерам. у новичков думаю мало что выйдет
23 January 2020
разгонял я свой депозит, начал с 200 баксов, вывел полторы тысячи, это не для пафоса сказано, а для новичков, что стратегия рабочая, главное не сохранять долго одну позицию
Паша, по какой стратегии?
10 October 2018
разгонял я свой депозит, начал с 200 баксов, вывел полторы тысячи, это не для пафоса сказано, а для новичков, что стратегия рабочая, главное не сохранять долго одну позицию
09 May 2018
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