When investing in binary options, the main task of a trader is to earn income. To do this, you need to carefully study the market situation and use only proven tools for technical analysis.

There are hundreds of trading strategies with different percentages of profitability. In order for you to be able to trust the signals, the indicators on which your chosen methodology is based should not be redrawn. The system we offer has proven itself in a dynamic market, does not change signals on history and allows you to consistently work in the black.

type of strategy

Features of indicators

The strategy without redrawing is based on the author's developments and demonstrates excellent results in the presence of an expressive trend.

For trading, a combination of highly effective instruments is used that are sensitive to global changes in trends and act as high-quality signal filters:

  • Buy Sell Forex Secret is available as a paid product, its price on the market is $87. Draws colored arrows on the chart, which are trading recommendations: red - “Put”, blue - “Call”. This is the main indicator, the others will complement it. Before you start making trades, you need to change the period in the settings from 31 to 14. The higher the number, the less often the signals appear;
  • Xmaster Formula are points that form a line. They change color, indicating the beginning of a new trend and its end. The indicator costs $129;
  • Ribbon Trader is also a commercial option; the developers charge $159 for use. It appears below the chart as red and green bars. If 4 bars of the same color appear one after another, it’s time to act. The instrument is based on signal processing of the conventional classic Momentum instrument.

We provide all indicators for review for free!

Recommendations for opening trades

We buy an option if:

  • a blue arrow has appeared on Buy Sell Forex Secret;
  • Ribbon Trader demonstrates a change in trend - after the red bars, green bars appeared;
  • on the Xmaster Formula the red dots turned to green. A yellow arrow confirms the purchase.

The signal is valid for 3-4 candles; you must wait until the readings of all three instruments coincide.

login description

A sale transaction is concluded in the following cases:

  • on the main Buy Sell Forex Secret indicator there is a red arrow;
  • Xmaster Formula changes the color of the dots from green to red. An arrow appears confirming the recommendation to sell;
  • Ribbon Trader simultaneously turns from green to red.

Similar to a buy signal, an opposite recommendation will help you conclude a profitable deal within 3-4 candles. It is important that all three tools see the dynamics of market changes in the same way.

Trader tips

Do not trade if important news is expected to be released that could agitate the quotes. Additionally, you can focus on support and resistance levels that are relevant for older time periods. A strategy without redrawing will not bring the expected effect in a calm “sleeping” market.

Recommendations for use:

  • timeframe, assets - any;
  • preferably European and American sessions;
  • Expiration time is several candles.

Download the Buy-Sell_FXS strategy template


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Pocket Option

Will be useful for this strategy:

Trend line indicator

Support and resistance indicator

Fibonacci levels indicator

Line touch indicator on the chart

Trading session times

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пробовал эту стратегию на форексе, мне понравилось больше чем на опционах
08 February 2020
хорошо что есть стрелки сигнальные, с ними не запутаешься в сигналах уже
23 January 2020
хорошая стратегия, качественные инструменты предложены
20 May 2018
Классные индикаторы! Можно получить не плохие результаты, если следовать всем описанным тут инструкциям
28 February 2018
Экспирация 2-3 свечи на Европейской сессии самое то,использую несколько стратегий, но эта стратегия себя зарекомендовала. Правда пару раз пропустил и правда выход новостей, потерял нормально,но зато на ошибках научился,теперь только в плюсе
27 December 2017
как-то попробовал эту страту и теперь в основном только ей и пользуюсь
20 November 2017
Хорошая стратегия для динамичного рынка, вот уже 2 недели тестирую ее, очень доволен
09 January 2017
Интересная стратегия, давно искал такую.
02 January 2017
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