Until recently, to install MetaTrader 4 on a PC with Mac OS, you needed to use some emulators or the Wine application. But by the beginning of 2022, MetaQuotes Ltd, the company that created the MT4 platform, finally released the long-awaited application for Apple, which can be installed without any additional programs. Now all MT4 users on MAC will be able to use the terminal without any problems and receive constant updates.

Next, we will consider two options for installing the terminal on Apple products.

Option 1: installing the MetaTrader 4 terminal on MAC OS

The easiest option for installing the terminal is to download the installation file from the official website . Installation is carried out as standard, like any other application for Mac OS. Just drag the downloaded file into Applications and wait until it finishes:

installing metatrader 4 on mac

The MetaTrader 4 terminal for Apple supports the M1 chip, which makes it effective on all system versions, including Big Sur.

The platform file is compiled using CrossOver technology, which in turn is based on Wine, which previously had to be used for installation. CrossOver differs from emulators and additional programs in that it is a commercial project. Because of this, its development is happening much faster and an increasing number of products for Windows are becoming available to users of Apple products. Another advantage of commercial projects is that all errors and bugs are fixed quite quickly. Since CrossOver differs from similar applications in its narrow focus, it is more aimed at office programs and Windows applications. All products are tested in detail before release, which is why their operation is more stable, and the trading terminal itself can serve as an example.

Please note that you do not need CrossOver on your laptop to install the DMG package. Therefore, you can use the terminal completely free of charge. You also do not need to download any additional plugins or utilities. After installation, you will immediately be able to launch the terminal and use all its functionality.

Option 2: installing the terminal using the PlayOnMac application

PlayOnMac is an emulator with which you can install any application built on Windows OS. We would like to note right away that it is not possible to install the MT4 terminal on the Mac OS Catalina version.

You can download the PlayOnMac application from the official website. The file can be found in the Downloads section:

Download PlayOmMac

After downloading, run this file. You can find it in the Downloads section:

Launching PlayOmMac

Run the downloaded distribution to install the necessary components:

Installing PlayOmMac

XQuartz is one of the important applications for work. This component will allow programs to work with the Windows window system on Mac OS:

Installing XQuartz

In this case, if you have installed XQuartz before, select “Don't install XQuartz for the moment”.

If you don’t have the application, then go through all the steps of standard application installation again in order:

XQuartz License

You will need to enter the password that the Mac OS security system will ask for:

Mac OS Security

When the application is installed, you will need to restart your computer:

Completing the installation

Now you can start installing PlayOnMac. This application is required to obtain MS Windows fonts. Without them, third-party applications such as MetaTrader 4 will not be able to correctly:

PlayOnMac fonts

Again a standard installation, after which PlayOnMac can be used. The main application window should open:

PlayOnMac launched

Wine app update

Wine is a free program that allows you to use any Windows application on an OS such as a Mac. Wine is not a Windows emulator, as many people think, but an alternative implementation of Windows.

The application can be updated to the stable version 4.0.3, or to the latest beta version. We recommend that you always install the latest version.

To update Wine, select the Tools => Manage Wine Versions tab:

Wine update

In the window that opens, select the latest version:

Wine version

Use the arrow to move the desired version to the right window. The installation should start automatically:

Installing Wine updates

After the update, the new version of Wine will be located in the PlayOnMac wine versions manager window on the left.

If all the steps described above have been completed, you can begin installing MetaTrader 4.

Installing MetaTrader 4 on PlayOnMac

Download the file "mt4setup.exe" from your broker's website or from metatrader4.com. Previously, you would not have been able to run this file, but now it is possible thanks to installed applications. Run the downloaded file and it will automatically open using PlayOnMac:

Installing MetaTrader 4

The installation will also be standard, as in previous cases:

Completing the installation of MetaTrader 4

At the end of the installation, create the shortcuts you need:

MetaTrader 4 Shortcuts

To launch MetaTrader 4, double-click on the Client terminal icon:

Launching MetaTrader 4

Possible problems when working with MetaTrader 4

If the Wine application is unstable, then you may encounter only one currently known problem - the Market will not work. No other problems were noticed.

MetaTrader 4 Data Catalog

Installed terminal directory:

LibraryPlayOnMacWinePrefixClient_Terminal_Drive CProgram FilesClient Terminal


We hope that after reading this article you have no questions about how you can install the MetaTrader 4 trading terminal on Mac OS. But if you have any questions, ask them in the comments below or suggest your options for possible installation.

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Option Bull
Option Bull
Очень интересный материал.
Руслан, конечно, особенно учитывая, что устройства от яблока обычно несправедливо лишены внимания в сфере бинарок.
20 December 2022
10624 Очень интересный материал.
19 December 2022
ну наконец то можно устанавливать простым образом metatrader4 на mac блин они бы еще через 10 лет сделали эту возможность. чего сразу было не сделать вот так
согласен, крупная контора, давно работают, почему не были ориентированы на apple не ясно но слава богу сдвинулось с места
все просто. потому что на винде большая часть людей сидит, поэтому не развивали это.
14 January 2022
9457 ну наконец то можно устанавливать простым образом metatrader4 на mac блин они бы еще через 10 лет сделали эту возможность. чего сразу было не сделать вот так
14 January 2022
ну наконец то можно устанавливать простым образом metatrader4 на mac блин они бы еще через 10 лет сделали эту возможность. чего сразу было не сделать вот так
согласен, крупная контора, давно работают, почему не были ориентированы на apple не ясно но слава богу сдвинулось с места
14 January 2022
3479 конечно большинство пользуются виндой, но все равно статья полезная, спасибо!
08 January 2020
2907 я как только не пытался его установить когда-то давно, так и не получилось, жаль тогда на такую статью не наткнулся
04 December 2019
2908 я так понимаю, мораль такова - пользуйтесь виндой)))
04 December 2019
2906 Спасибо, информативно для такой маленькой статьи, нужные ответы получил)
04 December 2019
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