Traders who are accustomed to working the old fashioned way do not perceive software indicators well. In their opinion, a real speculator is one who does everything by hand without excessive automation of his work process. He studies quotes himself, marks charts, draws lines that determine support and resistance, determines the corresponding analysis figures, etc. At the same time, there is one indicator that can break the existing conservatism among traders - this is the Exactentries Indicator.

Its performance is significantly higher than that of RSI and other similar technical analysis tools. The proposed indicator finds its adherents among beginners and professionals in the trading field. Let's try to understand the advantages of this solution and make sure that the generated indicators create the conditions for obtaining high profits.

Instructions for installing indicators in MetaTrader 4 :

Exactentries Indicator signals without redrawing

The majority of indicators work in such a way that the signals are redrawn from time to time.

For example, let's look at Parabolic SAR. Here the development of events is determined by the following points:

  • first, the trader sees a point drawn above the price chart, which signals the need to start selling;
  • then the situation rolls back after some time;
  • Before the price bar is fully formed, the quotes move as close as possible to the specified point, after which it appears under the chart, and this is a buy signal.

Another example is based on the work of the Stochastic oscillator. It can show that the market is overbought when the location of the signal line is above the critical level at the top. But after a short time, the indicator line will leave the overbought zone, which will make the previous signal false.


The negative aspect of this type is associated with the principle of calculating values ​​in relation to a specific indicator, based on prices in accordance with the closing of candles. The closing price fluctuates during the formation of the next candle. Its value is fixed only after the bar is completely formed. As for the opening price, it remains unchanged.

Exactentries is an indicator that leaves the generated signals unchanged when implementing a calculation method that takes into account opening prices. Price fluctuations do not lead to changes in the location of entry points.

Exactentries Indicator is a minimization of the percentage of false signals

Using Exactentries involves accessing a large number of tools focused on technical analysis. As a result, better performance is achieved compared to conventional indicators, which correlates with the following points taken into account in the calculations:

  • market volatility;
  • trading volume;
  • persistence of the trend;
  • trend direction;
  • positions of critical points, etc.

Due to such a wide coverage of source data, developers were able to achieve maximum efficiency of this tool. If we look at the practice of using Exactentries, we can see that 9 out of 10 transactions end in a profit for the trader, that is, the loss rate is determined by 10%.

The indicated indicator can become more negative only under two conditions:

  1. Refusal to follow the trend.
  2. Incorrect determination of option expiration time.

Regarding the expiration time, there is only one piece of advice - set it with a reserve, since the signals generated by Exactentries first appear and are processed only after some time. A greater effect can be achieved when working with options whose terms are medium and long (from 60 minutes). When trading on small timeframes, trading in terms of expiration should occur after 7–10 candles. This allows you to create a reserve of time necessary to process signals.


Monthly profit in the region of 100% or more

Using the Exactentries indicator dramatically improves trading performance. There are specific reviews from traders working with this tool. They are positive. According to those who have accumulated relevant experience, the use of this indicator can ensure the growth of a trading deposit by 100% per month, which is not the limit. You just need to follow certain rules.

Here it is important to adhere to risk management and filter out false signals accordingly, which is described in more detail below. At the same time, you need to keep in mind the problem associated with finding a free Exactentries indicator. Such options are freely available, but they do not provide the required level of effectiveness. Avoid such a purchase and use the official solution offered on the developer’s website.

How to filter out false signals

With the help of Exactentries it is possible to obtain correct signals in 90% of cases. Although such effectiveness is not always ensured. This requires:

  • correct use of the indicator;
  • competent calculation of expiration time;
  • absence of price noise in financial markets and unexpected surges in volatility.

The above is important, but other methods of influence must also be used to reduce the degree of risk when conducting trading operations. The optimal solution to help identify false signals is to use other indicators in conjunction with Exactentries:

  1. Moving Average – determination of a trend in the market from the perspective of its characteristics, as well as the current trend, when the choice is between the definitions of “bearish” and “bullish”. Provided that the moving average is showing growth and at the same time is under the chart, you need to follow bullish trading, that is, take into account entry signals (CALL). Otherwise, which assumes that the MA line is above the chart and its downward movement is recorded, you should choose bear trading (PUT).

In the indicator settings, it is advisable to set a period from 55 with the definition of the appropriate construction method; the choice is Exponential or Simple. This makes it possible to better identify signals that are recognized as false.

  1. MACD is easy to use. You need to keep an eye on the bar graph. In cases where its location is determined by the upper position in relation to the zero level, trading should only go up, and if it is lower, the game should not go down. Improving the quality of signal filtering can be achieved by analyzing charts on timeframes characterized as medium and large, but not less than H1. A similar result is achieved by increasing the MACD parameters by approximately 3 times, if preference is given to small intervals in terms of work.

Download the Exactentries indicator


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Сигнальных индикаторов сейчас очень много уже, поэтому надо выбирать их с умом и обязательно тестить. этот в принципе ничего, но это мое мнение, кому-то он может не подойти вообще
плюсую, без тестов нет смысла торговать даже
04 June 2020
Сигнальных индикаторов сейчас очень много уже, поэтому надо выбирать их с умом и обязательно тестить. этот в принципе ничего, но это мое мнение, кому-то он может не подойти вообще
23 May 2020
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