In the constant competition, binary options brokers and financial companies are trying to come up with innovative ideas to attract the interest of new traders. One such idea is the Safe from the World Forex broker . This service makes it possible to store funds in the company and receive a certain percentage for it. But this is not the same as keeping funds in a bank, and it will become clear why later.

Why do you need a Safe at the World Forex broker?

The WForex broker's safe is a regular account in which the client's funds are stored. But such an account is not a trading account and does not participate in any operations:

Safe account

And we have to admit that this idea is quite interesting and makes this broker stand out from its competitors.

The number of existing brokers around the world is difficult to calculate, especially since there are more and more of them every day and in pursuit of new clients you have to come up with something new and bright, since you won’t surprise anyone with new types of options or free tournaments. And if the advertising budget is several times smaller, then it is all the more difficult to stand out among the hundreds of advertising companies that can be seen on TV and heard on the radio.

This is exactly the function that the Safe from World Forex performs. Instead of huge expenses on advertising, the company charges interest on traders’ free funds, and this interest is many times higher than the bank interest, which makes such a Safe many times more profitable and attractive.

How to use the Safe service from the World Forex broker?

In order to transfer funds to the Safe account, just go to the “Transfer” tab in your personal account in the Deposits/Withdrawals section:

Transfer of funds

But this is suitable if the trader already has funds in his trading account. Transfers are made instantly and no commissions are charged.

You can also top up your Safe account immediately by going to the “Replenishment” tab:

Top up Safe

You can also easily withdraw funds to many payment systems on the “Withdrawal” tab:


How much money should I keep in the Safe from the World Forex broker?

The answer to this question depends only on the trader’s capital and his risks. There are different risks, for example:

  • Trading risks, which involve trading and making transactions in financial markets.
  • Non-trading risks, which involve the company’s activities and force majeure situations (bankruptcy, crisis, and so on).

Therefore, you should not invest all your money in Safe in the hope that this service will never cease to exist and that the company will always work the same way. Any business can close at any time and sometimes it is very difficult to get your money back. And you should only keep such amounts in your accounts that the loss of them will not affect your life in the future.

Limitations, features and advantages of the Safe from the World Forex broker

Since the Wforex broker is not a bank, it requires some kind of reinsurance, since profits do not come out of nowhere. Therefore, there are some restrictions for those who use the Safe. But despite this, the advantages of this service are many times greater than the disadvantages.

Restrictions when using the Safe from the World Forex broker

There is only one limitation, and it is as banal as possible - when storing funds in the Safe, you will need to make at least one transaction every three months. If the trader does not make any trades at all, the reward percentage may be reduced. This is all spelled out in detail in the regulations.

In what currency can you store funds in the Safe from the World Forex broker?

You can store funds in the following currencies:

  • Dollar.
  • Euro.
  • Ruble.
  • Hryvnia.

What interest rates can you expect when storing funds in the Safe from the World Forex broker?

Currently the percentages are:

  • For US dollars - 9.5%.
  • For the euro - 9%.
  • For the Russian ruble - 10.5%.
  • Ukrainian hryvnia - 10.5%.

If you compare these percentages with bank ones, you can see a significant difference:

Bank interest

Of course, it will be safer to store funds in a bank, but the lower the risks, the lower the profit.

How interest is calculated on funds stored in the Safe from the World Forex broker

Interest on available funds in the Safe is accrued every month and is automatically added to the amount of funds in the Safe. To see detailed information about enrollments, you need to go to the “History” tab and create a report:

Monthly payment

These funds can ultimately be transferred to trading accounts or withdrawn without restrictions.

Is it possible to use Safe from World Forex broker as a trading strategy?

The essence of any trading always comes down to one thing - making a profit. And as everyone knows, not every trader (no matter whether new or experienced) can consistently receive good income from trading in financial markets (90% of traders lose their money).

And here the Safe from the World Forex broker comes into play, which allows you to consistently, and most importantly, without risks, receive an income of 10% from the available funds stored in the Safe. For example, for an amount of $10,000 it will be possible to receive an annual profit of $1,000, and this is completely automatic. Those traders who consistently earn money from trading will, of course, say that this is very little. But those who have not yet managed to achieve a good and constant income should evaluate this opportunity, as it creates an additional “safety cushion”.


We can conclude that you can use the Safe from the Wforex broker both for the sake of passive income and for diversification and reducing risks in trading. And taking into account the fact that not everyone consistently makes a profit from trading in financial markets, this may even be the only income from trading, if you can call it that.

I would also like to note that this idea is an excellent example of how to attract new clients to a company. If other brokers offer something similar, then the interest on payments there is several times lower.

The main thing is that you should not forget about risks and possible force majeure situations, from which no one is insured. You should not store all your available funds in one place, as the risk of being left with nothing increases significantly in this case.

Trade with World Forex

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