The extreme strategy CCI V Custom BINARY SYSTEM for trading binary options is the latest strategy in options trading, it makes it possible to use it on any asset, with any expiration period.

Settings for working with the strategy:

  • Currency pair – no restrictions.
  • Recommended time frame – no restrictions.
  • The option duration is from two to three candles.
  • Time for trading does not matter.
  • Risk management: you must select the option size so that the bet size does not exceed 5% of your deposit per trade.

The strategy uses both unique and popular indicators for binary options:

  • V Custom (shows the level of overbought and oversold).
  • Pivot alert (pivot) is a kind of arrow assistant.
  • Divergence of the classic CCI oscillator .
  • EMA bands with a period of 55.
  • TBLC (local price lows and highs).

To install and start working with templates and indicators, you will need to unpack them and copy them to the MQL4 folder. The templates are respectively copied into - templates. After restarting the terminal, launch the chart of the selected currency pair. And the last step is to install the strategy template on the chart. Then we start bidding.

The graph should look like this:


Opening buy trades (call options) using the CCI V Custom BINARY SYSTEM strategy

To enter a trade correctly, a number of the following factors must be met:

  1. The price is above the channel formed by moving averages, and the indicator
  2. VCustom3 (shows the overbought/oversold level) appeared in the overbought area.
  3. An arrow with an upward pointer should appear on any of the product channel indices ( CCI indicator ).

Strategy Strategy CCI V Custom BINARY SYSTEM

Signals for opening a transaction to purchase a put option (put options)

  1. If the price is below the channel, which consists of moving averages.
  2. The VCustom3 indicator (shows overbought and oversold levels) falls into the overbought area.
  3. A downward cursor appears on one of the CCI indicators.


This strategy was initially tested for trading on the Forex market, while in binary options trading this strategy shows very good results and is quite profitable.

Download strategy template

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я видоизменил эту стратегию, потмоу что cci классный индикатор, убрал лишнее и получилось компактнее и лучше как по мне, но спасибо за шаблон
07 March 2020
стратегия конечно закрученная, и надо к ней привыкнуть, чтобы сигналы увидеть, распознать, но норм и плюс еще в том, что есть уровни в ней
14 February 2020
Галина Петрова
Галина Петрова
многовато индикаторов, но зато они дополняют друг друга и дают норм сигналы
26 January 2020
сигналы на вход точные, стратегия хорошая
07 July 2018
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