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PAMM account - what is it? PAMM account is an innovative tool with huge potential

What are PAMM accounts?

Translated from English, literally, PAMM is “interest distribution management module.” The account is managed by a trader who makes transactions both with his own funds and with those that investors have entrusted to him.

PAMM account reviews allow you to get acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages of investment platforms of different Forex brokers , types of accounts, in order to choose the best option for yourself.

Trading on the currency exchange is carried out by the manager at his own discretion. Other participants can see the overall account statistics. If the profitability suits you, you can invest the desired amount.

All financial transactions of the PAMM account are performed automatically. In this case, profit fraud is completely excluded.

The distribution of received losses or profits between investors and the trader in percentage terms is regulated by an offer - a public agreement. The profit margin of each individual investor is calculated depending on his investment. The situation is similar with losses.

A large number of people can invest in the same PAMM accounts . This structure is similar in organization to a mutual fund, featuring high returns. Some analysts compare a PAMM account with trust management, but the main difference is that the Trader begins work by investing his own capital. If investors appear, these funds serve as collateral; they cannot be taken away, only profit from transactions.

Stages of making an investment decision:

  1. studying traders' ratings;
  2. we take into account the statistics of the account that interests us;
  3. we find Pamma reviews about the manager;
  4. We invest.

How is income calculated?

To understand making a profit in more detail, let’s look at the situation using an example with specific numbers.

Investor No. 1 invested $1 thousand in a certain PAMM account that interested him. Investor #2 - $600. Investor #3 - $400. The trader’s own funds are $3,000. In total, the total amount he can operate with is $5,000.

The PAMM account manager actively traded on Forex for a month, achieving a profit of 20% or 5000*20%=$1000.

The offer establishes a 50/50 division of income.

  • Investor No. 1 will receive: 1000*20%:2=$100.
  • Investor No. 2 is due: 600*20%:2=$60.
  • Investor No. 3 will receive: 400*20%:2=$40.
  • Trader's income: (3000*20%)+ 100+ 60+40 = $800.

PAMM accounts

If unsuccessful transactions are concluded, losses are distributed among all participants in the same ratio; the manager in this case is not entitled to any remuneration.

Reviews of PAMM accounts prove that with a skillful approach, profit can be up to 100% or even more of the investment amount.

Invest in PAMM account

Advantages of PAMM accounts

PAMM accounts give every reason to believe that this type of investment has excellent prospects. Previously, before the advent of PAMM sites, those wishing to invest money in successful traders were forced to deal with them directly, passing on the password for their account, but real professionals refused to work with small deposits. And the direct transfer of money often revealed dishonest scammers. These turned out to be a number of promoted pseudo-profitable projects that did not meet the expectations of clients.

Modern PAMM accounts allow you to create an investment portfolio based on the investor’s preferences and the amount of funds he is willing to invest.

Why are they reliable:

  • the broker monitors compliance with the terms of the offer, being an independent observer;
  • the broker posts the financial history of all accounts, preventing any correction of the figures;
  • It is not permitted to withdraw money invested by investors. You can trade on them, but withdrawing them won’t work;
  • any investor on the same platform has access to a large number of PAMM accounts, choosing independently where exactly to invest money and how much;
  • the manager is maximally interested in making a profit, because he risks not only investors’ money, but also his own funds. In order for a substantial amount to be invested in your account, you must have sufficient net worth. The amount of a trader’s money is displayed in statistics; if there are not enough funds in the account, there are unlikely to be anyone willing to join the project;
  • ratings of managers based on various indicators are generated automatically to make it easier for potential investors to search;
  • making an investment is very simple. There is no need to correspond or discuss the terms of cooperation. If the offer proposed by the trader suits you, you have read the account statistics and agree to work with a specific manager, all you have to do is press one button.

Before making a final decision, read the reviews of investors who have already invested money in certain accounts before. This will especially help beginners get off to a successful start.

PAMM sites

Alpari PAMM account

The undoubted leader in this service segment is Alpari . In 2008, she was the first to develop an innovative project that made it possible to invest in PAMM accounts. Having appreciated the advantages of this system, influential players in the Forex market began to provide their clients with the same services.

Alpari continues to reliably maintain a leading position in PAMM investing, guaranteeing access to the largest number of accounts compared to other brokers. PAMM account reviews about Alpari are mostly favorable. Users note the high functionality of the site, efficiency in processing applications for depositing or withdrawing money, and better monitoring of accounts.

Alpari PAMM account


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Альпари уже довольно старый брокер, один из первых на рынке если не самый, поэтому в данном случае я полностью ему доверяю.
28 December 2022
Option Bull
Option Bull
даже не знал о такой услуге) спасибо за информацию!
28 December 2022
в паммы кидаю малые суммы, по 100 баксов на памм, и там 3 штуки, если и прогорят, то не так обидно будет. а профит какой никакой приносят, может и отобьются даже)
19 February 2020
опасно нынче в памм инвестировать. разве что такие суммы, которые не жаль потерять. доверия лично у меня к ним нет, т.к. это не то что не профессиональное инвестирование, это почти так же рулетка, но в которой ты ничего не контролируешь вообще, даже бросание шарика
19 January 2020
отличная статья, много полезного узнал
01 July 2018
Если инвестировать с умом,то можно не плохо заработать
01 November 2017
Инвестиции в ПАММ - счета,это хорошо,главное правильно составить свой инвестиционный портфель для стабильной прибыли.
19 October 2017
Кирилл Донец
Кирилл Донец
Вкладывать деньги нужно только в надежные памм-счета, т.к. сейчас много мошенников, выбирайте фирму с многолетним опытом работы. На русском рынке это Альпари.
01 February 2017
Памм- счета идеальный выход для тех кто хочет получать прибыль на финансовых рынках, но не хочет обучатся.
08 December 2016
Макс Рябцев
Макс Рябцев
Заманчивая перспектива - эти Памм счета, уже давно думаю про них, но никак не решусь
11 October 2016
Я вот недавно вложил деньги в Памм счета, прибыль не самая большая от 20 до 40%. Но вообще очень не плохо.
19 September 2016
Полезная информация, давно хотел начать инвестировать в ПАММы. Каждый должен заниматься своей работой. Друг уже давно вложил в Альпари, говорит что всем полностью доволен.
Виктор, Главное вовремя переложить на другой ПАММ или не держать все "яйца в одной карзине")) Это я на ПАММ-портфель намекаю
28 July 2016
Полезная информация, давно хотел начать инвестировать в ПАММы. Каждый должен заниматься своей работой. Друг уже давно вложил в Альпари, говорит что всем полностью доволен.
29 June 2016
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