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The Client represents, confirms and warrants that all funds transferred to the site belong exclusively to the Client and are free from liens, taxes, mortgages or any other obligations. In addition, any funds transferred to the site by the Client in no way, directly or indirectly, are income obtained through any illegal actions or the result of criminal activity. The client confirms that all funds transferred to the site are a voluntary contribution to the development and promotion of the site. Funds are transferred unilaterally and are not subject to return.

The Client acts on his own behalf and is not a representative or fiduciary of any third party, unless he can provide satisfactory documents and/or powers of attorney allowing him to act as a representative and/or fiduciary of any third party.

By signing this Agreement, the Client confirms that he/she is over 18 years of age (for individuals) or has full legal capacity (for legal entities). In this case, the client undertakes not to transfer information obtained through this site to third parties. In cases of transfer of confidential information to third parties, the client's account is subject to immediate blocking.

The Client guarantees the authenticity and validity of any documents that the Client provides to the Company.

The Client agrees to receive email newsletters for informational purposes, to use software developed by third parties, including those specified above, browsers that support data protection protocols compatible with the protocols used by the site. Moreover, the Client agrees to go through the procedure of gaining access to the site system using such protocols.

Violation of the terms of the user agreement may lead to complete or partial blocking of the client's account.

Confidentiality and protection of personal information

We recognize the importance of confidentiality of information.
This document describes what personal information we receive and collect when you use this site. We hope this information will help you make informed decisions about the personal information you provide to us.

Providing information by the Client:
If you are simply browsing the site without registering, information about you is not published on the site. When you comment on materials on the site, you publish every word of what you wrote, and this information will be stored and shown to other visitors to the project. This applies to articles, useful tips, materials, personal pages of users, comments, etc.
When registering on the Site, the client provides the following information: email address and telephone number. In addition, the phone number is optional and the subscriber can fill it with any data.
The Client, by indicating his contact information (name, contact phone number, e-mail address) on the site when registering, understands that the data he enters is not personal data identifying the Client on the basis of clause 1 of Article 8 of the Federal Law of July 27, 2006 N 152-FZ as amended Federal Law dated July 25, 2011 N 261-FZ, are provided to the Seller voluntarily, and to the extent necessary and sufficient for the Seller to fulfill its obligations to the Client.
The Seller uses the information provided to fulfill its obligations to the Client in accordance with and on the basis of the Federal Law of July 27, 2006 N 152-FZ as amended. Federal Law of July 25, 2011 N 261-FZ.

Disclosure of information received by the Seller:
The Seller undertakes not to disclose information received from the Client. It is not considered a violation for the Seller to provide information to agents and third parties acting on the basis of an agreement with the Seller to fulfill obligations to the Client.
There is no breach of obligation to disclose information in accordance with reasonable and applicable legal requirements.
The Seller is not responsible for the information provided by the Client on the Site in a publicly accessible form.

Newsletters and information messages.
When registering on the Site, the Client agrees to receive advertising and informational mailings from the Seller.
Setting up mailing parameters (frequency of receipt, the ability to unsubscribe from mailings, etc.) is located in the “Personal Account” section, in the “Change Profile” item.
Newsletters are sent in the form of an email to the address specified by the Client when registering on the site.

How to unsubscribe:
Each newsletter letter contains an unsubscribe link.


All information on the site is for informational purposes only and is not a call to action. We do not promise any quick earnings using information from our site. You can lose your money trading in the financial markets. The client must make all decisions independently. In addition, some information may be changed and supplemented during the operation of the site; the client is obliged to independently monitor its updating.

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