Binary options broker Quotex is developing its trading platform every day, thanks to which more and more traders are able to use trading strategies for Quotex directly in the broker's web terminal without using third-party terminals.

In this section you will find trading strategies and binary options trading systems specifically for the Quotex broker.

Why Use Trading Strategies for Quotex?

Of course, you can buy options without any auxiliary tools in the form of indicators, but in some cases, it is thanks to strategies that it becomes possible to notice those situations that are simply not visible on a clean chart.

All strategies for the Quotex broker that are collected in this section are simple and are primarily designed for beginners who are just starting to study the broker’s platform and the binary options market itself. Experienced traders may also find this section useful, since here you can find trading strategies for Quotex of completely different types.

The main advantage of this section is that most of the trading strategies are used using terminals such as MetaTrader 4/5, but everything collected here can be used on the trading platform of the Quotex binary options broker, even on a demo account.

Types of trading strategies for the Quotex broker

This section contains various strategies that can be used on any time frame and with any expiration. However, some of the trading systems may have certain trading rules for them, which provide for specific time frames and expiration periods.

Despite this, in the section you can find the following types of strategies:

  • Scalper (for turbo options with expiration in 60 seconds);
  • Trending;
  • Medium and long term.

Regardless of the type of strategy, they all have simple and understandable rules that even beginners in trading can master.

Is it worth trading binary options without using strategies?

Trading is a very multifaceted business, and of course you can trade profitably without using strategies or indicators, but at the initial stage, not everyone will be able to understand when exactly to make a trade, how to choose expiration and on what time frame to track the prices of the selected trading asset.

Therefore, at least for training, you should choose some trading strategies for Quotex from this section and try trading on a demo account. After some practice, you can already try trading in any convenient way, including trading binary options on a blank chart.


In this section, every Quotex client will be able to find and use accurate and profitable trading strategies for binary options. And the advantage of these strategies is that you can immediately start using them on the trading platform of the Quotex broker.

When trading, the main thing is not to forget that you should test and verify all methods on a demo account, and when trading on a real account, always use the rules of money management and risk management.


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