YouTube channel about binary options
YouTube channel about binary options

Perhaps the best YouTube channel about binary options in Russia, the most current videos of strategies and indicators, as well as reviews of binary options brokers

How to install an indicator in MT4
How to install an indicator in MT4

Detailed training video on how to add a new indicator to the MetaTrader4 platform



High-quality video lessons on binary options trading - the foundation for future success

All brokers have educational materials: e-books, articles, webinars, and recently video lessons on options trading have become popular.
Any method of teaching can be effective, it depends on how the student best perceives the material.

The effectiveness of video lessons

Psychologists know very well that in most cases information is absorbed faster if it is accompanied by visual images. The training video significantly improves the quality of the material.
Many video lessons on options trading have been created: these include recommendations on the use of strategies, drawing graphs of achievements, and advertising brokers or trading platforms. Binary options trading video is very important for beginners who have not yet understood the trading mechanism.
For videos to be useful, they must first of all be informative, and not “stuffed” with special effects. It’s better to watch what was created by real professionals who have been working on the stock exchange for a long time and who have something to tell beginners.
To improve perception, the following techniques are often used:

  • thesis presentation of main ideas;
  • a detailed description of the strategy with vivid examples on the chart and conclusion of transactions as a demonstration.

Best videos

When learning how to trade options, a video is an opportunity to clearly show how to use a particular function, apply indicators and read their signals.

Recommended viewing for beginners:

  • “Basics of Trading” - contains an overview of basic concepts, teaches how to build support and resistance lines, and gives an idea of ​​fundamental and technical analysis.
  • "Overview of technical analysis indicators." The educational film examines all the most popular standard indicators and oscillators built into the MT4 platform, giving advice on parameters when setting them up for different timeframes.
  • “Japanese Candlesticks” is a video that provides the necessary knowledge about this method of displaying a chart, the types of candlesticks, and their reversal signals.
  • “How to add an indicator to MT4” - describes the process of adding custom indicators to the terminal and changing their settings.

Binary options trading - videos useful for traders with any background:

  • “Graphical Analysis” - teaches you to find reversal figures and patterns on charts.
  • Lessons “Momentum Indicator”, “CCI Indicator”, “Stohastic Indicator”, “RSI Indicator”, “MFI Indicator”, “Ichimoku Indicator”, “ADX Indicator”, “Laguerre Indicator”, “Bollinger Bands” give a complete understanding of the benefits of these technical analysis tools, there are specific recommendations for using them for profitable trading.
  • “Divergence - Definition and Search” shows with examples how to find divergences; the information will be especially useful for those who trade binary options, as it allows you to predict price reversals.

For trading binary options, video lessons are an opportunity to extract new information and consolidate what you have read previously.


Effective binary options trading strategies - video:

  • "Bill Williams' strategy" in 2 parts. A large overview lesson that examines in detail a complex trading system based on signals from a number of proprietary indicators by B. Williams.
  • “Price action” - the basics of indicator-free trading;

When trading options, the good thing about video is that you can download it to any gadget and watch it again if you forgot something.

If you do not have time to constantly monitor the market, you can use signals to open trades. When looking for a reliable signal service, pay attention to the benefits of WinOptionSignals, described in several creative promotional videos.

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